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A selection of projects from my 7+ years as a product designer

Mighty Networks Global Navigation Redesign

2019 · Product Designer

I worked with the Mighty Networks design team to complete a large-scale redesign of the global navigation on iOS, Web, and Android platforms.

Achievemint Study Builder

2017 · Lead Product Designer, Developer

After Achievemint Studies was used to create and run multiple studies, the need for a more robust toolset was quickly realized. I worked to design internal tooling for creating studies.

Achievemint Studies

2017 · Lead Product Designer

While at Evidation Health, I worked as a solo designer on a new product for running clinical studies. To date, Achievemint Studies has produced peer-reviewed learnings published in major medical journals.

Achievemint Android App

2016 · Product Designer

During my time working on Achievemint, an Android app was one of the most requested features by members. I worked to design the complete Achievemint experience for Android.