Achievemint Study Builder

After Achievemint Studies was used to create and run multiple studies, the need for a more robust toolset was quickly realized. I worked to design internal tooling for creating studies.


Achievemint Studies needed to be extremely flexible in what it could accomplish. It was powerful, but complex. The biggest challenge in designing the study builder was simplifying this complexity so anyone could design a clinical study.

Lead Designer, Front-End Developer (for proof-of-concept version)
Desktop Web
Created all design, both visual and interaction, for the application. Responsible for developing a proof-of-concept version of the app in React.

Simplifying Study Logic

Where the most complexity lied in building studies was the study logic. This is the backbone of a study which determines if a participant is eligible for a study, what automated communications (such as emails) they might receive, and what tasks they'll be asked to complete if they qualify for a study.

I approached this problem with a simple concept - anyone who is designing a study should be able to take their finger, place it on a participants first interaction with the product, and trace that participants participation throughout the study without lifting their finger. With this concept, I was able to take a previously difficult to understand tree of logic and condense it down to something that was much easier to understand.


Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature of the work, I can't write anything more about it here on my portfolio. If you'd like to learn more, contact me.

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